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About Me

Francesca Guerri is Assistant Professor of European History, Assistant Dean, Division of

Social and Behavioral Sciences & Global Studies. The University of St. Thomas, Houston. 


Guerri’s field of study is Medieval History, specifically, her research

reevaluates the life and motivation of Matilda of Tuscany (1046-1115), one

of the most significant female figures of the European Middle Ages.

Guerri is interested in how friendship in the Middle Ages fueled political

agency, served alliances, and promoted spirituality. At the same time, her

investigation places a lot of attention on spirituality and women in the

eleventh century. She received her Ph.D. in history from the University

of Houston, Texas.




Part of her research has been published in peer-reviewed journal articles: “Nihil Terrenum, Nihilque Carnale in Ea: Matilda of Tuscany and Anselm of Lucca during the Investiture Controversy”, published in 2017, in the journal Storicamente; “Anselm of Canterbury and Matilda of Tuscany: The Journey of Friendship” just published in MATILDICA, Annual Journal of Matilda of Canossa and Tuscany International Association, published in 2021. Forthcoming book: The Friendship Network of Matilda of Tuscany. Reconstructing Matilda’s Motivation and Ideology Through the Lens of her Individual Relationships.

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