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Curriculum Vitae




Fall 2020                 Ph.D. in History – University of Houston

      Dissertation Title: The Friendship network of Matilda of Tuscany. Reconstructing            Matilda’s Motivation and Ideology through the lens of her individual relationships.


  • Dissertation awarded “Distinction”

  • Fields: Medieval History, Roman History, History of Early Modern England, and Art History



April 2008                  D.I.T.A.L.S certification – European Union 

                                  (Didattica dell’Italiano come Lingua Straniera)

  • Professional qualification for language instructor


                                  April 1999                    Master in Medieval History- University of Florence (Italy)

                                   Thesis Title: ‘Life and business of Niccolò del Buono Busini, a XIII sec. Merchant, seen                                   from his manuscripts’.


                                  April 1999                   Bachelor of Arts in Italian Literature (Italian) - University of                                                                                Florence (Italy)





August 2021 –  Present              University of St. Thomas, Houston

                                          Assistant Professor of European History


January 2021 –           University of St. Thomas, Houston

Present                       Adjunct Professor of World Community I (World Civilization to 1500).


September 2020 –      Medieval History Teacher

 Present                     Aquinas High School, Houston




January 2010 –          Lone Star College, Montgomery

June 2012                       Italian Teacher



September 2008-        ENI Petroleum Houston

January 2010                 Italian Teacher for ENI employees

  •  Italian – Beginners

  •  Italian – Intermediate


September 2008-        Teacher of Italian Language, Literature, and Culture

January 2010                Tolomei Cultural Institute. Italian Language and Culture School –                                                                   Florence, Italy.


  •  Developed and taught semester-long Italian language courses for American study-abroad students, Benedictine College, Kansas.
       •    Instructed students from Siberia and Kazakhstan, Akademgorodok, University of Novosibirsk.
       •    Taught an in-depth didactic course on the Instruction of Italian as a Foreign Language to Italian professors from COASIT Australia.  


January - June 2007    The Italian Cultural and Community Center – Houston (TX), USA                                                                     Italian Teacher

                                                     Taught Italian to American students

  • Taught Italian to American students

  •  Italian language classes range from beginner to advanced level.




2021                                 “Anselm of Canterbury and Matilda of Tuscany: The Journey of Friendship”,                                                 MATILDICA, III, 2020, Journal of AMI-MIA – Matilda of Canossa and Tuscany                                               International Association.
                                          2017    Nihil Terrenum, Nihilque Carnale in Ea: Matilda of Tuscany and Anselm                                            of Lucca during the Investiture Controversy, Storicamente, 13, 31, 2018. 





2018                                  Anselm of Lucca and Anselm of Canterbury: Inhabitants of Two Separate                                                     Worlds? St. Anselm of Aosta, Bec, and Canterbury International Conference,                                               University of Houston, in collaboration with the University of St. Thomas. 

 2015                                 Matilda of Tuscany and Anselm of Lucca During the Investiture Controversy.                                                50th International Conference of Institute for Medieval Studies.  Kalamazoo,                                              Michigan.




January 2019 –            Editor of MATILDICA, International Journal of the Matilda of

Present                         Canossa and Tuscany International Association, AMI-MIA.





September 2009-         Crossroads Cultural Center Houston

Present                           Founder and Director of the Houston branch

  • Created and organized public events

  • A full account of all events and information about Crossroads Cultural Center can be found at


2018                              St. Francis and the Sultan, Dubai, United Arab Emirate.  

2016                              Giotto and the Arena Chapel, University of St. Thomas, Houston.

2013                             Duccio di Buoninsegna and his Maestà, University of St. Thomas, Houston.

2011                             The Life of St. Francis of Assisi seen through the lens of the cycle of

                                     The twenty-eight frescoes in the Upper Church of the Basilica of San Francesco                                        in Assis, University of St. Thomas, Houston.

 2010                             Life and Art of Caravaggio, University of St. Thomas, Houston.





January 2018  -         Member of Matilda of Canossa and Tuscany International Association



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